Most affecting/significant/favorite concerts I’ve seen in my first 6 weeks at Oberlin (and I’ve seen many): 

  • Punch Brothers- incredibly talented musicians, inventive solos that wandered so far from the song that you wondered how it could come back, yet it always did
  • David Breitman Fortepiano Recital of Schubert Impromptus and Beethoven Bagatelles and Sonata op. 110- I love the Schubert impromptus, and they were beautifully played. Breitman really played up the sudden shifts and surprising rhythms in the Bagatelles.
  • Ben Sollee- grounded in Americana; blues solos, soul singing, fiddle tunes, slide guitar. It also helped that this was the first band I’ve seen with a drummer since I’ve been here, and he was great.
  • Iktus Percussion- Began with a conceptual piece where one performer “accidentally” started too early and had to find the right mallets. Another piece transferred figures and chords in a circle between four percussionists. And the last two pieces were unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I didn’t listen to them emotionally or structurally as I do typical classical music, but rather timbrally. I know that sounds really boring, but it was an amazing experience. One included preparing a piano while someone played it, producing incredible unique sounds. The other combined mallet and piano chords to create shimmers, clashes, roars, waves, glitters. And it ended with a repeated piano cannon-like figure that was paired with bass drum hits, showing the strong similarities between a piano cluster and drum hits.

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